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Les Artistes dans leurs Propres Mots

numéro 22
date 04/2011
revue Gagarin
périodicité semestriel
Univers Art contemporain
nationalité BE
  • Joseph Kosuth

    'Intentio (Project)' 1984 / 1985 notebook and completed work

  • Paolo Chiasera

    Painting 1: Analysis and Convergence

  • Matej Krén


  • Tintin Wulia


  • Alicja Kwade

    Being Gregory Peck, Dr. Edwards, John Brown,
    Being Sabrina, Audrey Hepburn,
    Being Christian Distl, Marlon Brando,
    Being Lisa Brendl, Joan Fontaine,

  • Roman Signer

    The pages of October 2010 from Roman Signer's agenda

  • Eulalia Valldosera

    El poder de los objetos