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Buoy's 20th birthday

numéro 26
date 06/2008
magazine Lucire
périodicité trimestriel
Univers Mode
nationalité NZ

You’ll have noticed a few changes in this issue of Lucire, notably the disappearance of the red box from the masthead. It hasn’t happened on all our editions, but since New Zealand is our home country, we’re making this move here fi rst. Many logos go outside the box after a while and as we begin our 12th year, it was time to reinvent ourselves. The world is finally catching up to Lucire’s digital lead—we were the country’s fi rst commercial online fashion magazine in 1997; and it is catch ing up to our environmental commitment—in 2003 the United Nations Environment Programme named us its first fashion industry partner.

  • Out on safari — Visuels : Emma Käthe Anderson

    The safari look is back, and OPSM in particular has been fashion-forward enough to get this latest style into stores

  • Wanderlust — Par Jordan Chrisp

    One might decide now is not the time to splurge A $800 on her leather and sequin-quilted Treasure Dress with silk georgette, but beautiful quality is what Kirrily Johnston strives for and, therefore, is what her clothes are all about.
    Jordan Chrisp chats with Kirrily Johnston, the Australian designer featuring here for Air New Zealand Fashion Week, tapping in to the need for ease when dressing for these modern times.

  • Ain’t it a gas — Par Sylvia Giles

    Dan Carter has diversified, with Italianate fashion at his GAS store his off-season pleasure.

  • In living colour — Par Elyse Glyckman

    Hale Bob brings a global edge and a feminine sensibility to US west coast fashion. Elyse Glickman visits Moroccan-born, Frencheducated creator Daniel Bohbot and director of marketing Marc Springer.

  • Southern belles — Visuels : Sheena Haywood

    The South Island has been celebrating its style, with shows in Christchurch and Queenstown Style Christchurch photographed by Clinton Lloyd/TwoPointEight Photography Fashion on Q

  • Accessories’ pass — Par Elyse Glickman and Karen Loftus

    Our insider’s look at Hollywood’s favourite accessories—the finishing touches for the celeb set, where the perfect Hollywood ending is just the beginning by Elyse Glickman and Karen Loftus

  • X-bones to butterflies — Par Jo Haas

    New Zealand jewellery designer and creator Steph Lusted tells us about life post-Pforzheim by Jo Haas

  • Birds of a feather — Par Sylvia Giles

    Sylvia Giles manages to chat to ever beautiful and talented Boh Runga on her visit back home

  • Send in the klones — Par Sam Mitchell

    Sam Mitchell talks to Klone Hair’s Karl and Danelle
    Radel, at one of Dunedin’s top salons

  • Colour on the edge — Par Emma Tate

    Our own Emma Tate went along to the L’Oréal Colour Trophy Awards held at Auckland’s Aotea Centre, the Edge

  • You see this guy — Par Jack Yan

    Guy Kremer, in New Zealand to judge L’Oréal Colour Trophy, talks to Jack Yan about the awards and his inspirations

  • Fashion forward — Par Jack Yan

    Jack Yan speaks with Smashbox’s national training
    manager Neisha Henry on make-up, and what drew
    her to the Smashbox brand

  • Let it flow — Par Ana Maria Moore · Visuels : Sharyn Jones

    Ana Maria Moore brings a worldclass spa experience to central Wellington

  • A secret on the shore — Par Jack Yan

    Horrobin & Hodge is a well kept secret in Manakau, for those in the know about great spa treatments, writes Jack Yan

  • The king of avant-garde — Visuels : Emma Käthe Anderson

    It’s not an unfair tag to give to Derek Elvy, the founder of Buoy Hairdressing, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. In a special collaboration with Buoy, Lucire features a unique shoot, plus some of the award-winning styles from Buoy’s Michael Beel, Sophia Taurae and Yoshi Su in upcoming pages. Derek’s interview appears p. 70. And see Buoy’s special section beginning at p.71.

  • My fellow countryman — Par Jack Yan · Visuels : Jack Yan

    Jack Yan concludes that the Mini Clubman makes sense
    to all but the most hardened Anglophile and, possibly, some Noël Coward fans

  • Back 2 Black — Visuels : Kelly Thompson

    Hair by Schwarzkopf Central
    Hairdresser of the Year 2008
    Michael Beel @ Buoy

  • Taiwan: top of the world — Par Jack Yan

    In a two-part series dividing urban and rural, Jack Yan explores the last Chinese territory untouched by the Communists: Taiwan, where the democratic Chinese government is exiled. Part One: Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung

  • Joyeux anniversaire québec! — Par Karen Loftus

    If you can’t make it to Paris, head to Québec. This Canadian city is very festive, incredibly French and will be partying all year.

  • Lady luxe — Par Sylvia Giles

    Sylvia Giles interviews Dana Thomas, author of Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Lustre, who uncovers some of the negative sides to the fashion business