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Human being

numéro 35
date 04/2012
magazine Revolutionart
périodicité bimestriel
Univers Photos

Human being - Human beings need to add aesthetic value to life's circumstances in order to arrive at a better understanding of themselves, from ancient cave paintings to the grand designs of modern cinema.

  • Interview with Will Fernandes — Par Nelson Medina · Visuels : Will Fernandes

    Adventures on graphics
    (Brazil) - march 2011

  • Human being — Visuels : Alicia Haberman, Christopher Northern, Burg Balazs, Andrés Tuberquia Guzman, Ann Morgan, Brenna French, Emanuel, Zelyan Rofiq, Giovanni Tagliavini, Giulio Iurissevich,

    Alicia Haberman - United States
    Christopher Northern - United States
    Burg Balazs - Hungary
    Andrés Tuberquia Guzman - Colombia
    Ann Morgan - United States
    Antonella Antonioni - Italy
    Beraka - Chile
    Brenna French - United States
    Emanuel - Argentina
    Zelyan Rofiq - Indonesia
    Giovanni Tagliavini - Italy
    Giulio Iurissevich - Italy
    James Valt - United States
    Ismael Esteban Tapia - Chile
    Joshua Crimson - Uruguay
    Leah Coghian - Canada

  • Pere Ibanez — Visuels : Pere Ibanez

    Originally from Barcelona, Spain, Pere Ibanez majored in film making and screenwriting. ....

  • Gry Bay

    Actress - Gry Bay got her breakthrough playing one of the leads in "Dr. Monika Lindt" a German TV-series aired prime time on RTL, wich led to another leading role in the film "Hosenflattern" aka "Where did you last see your trousers?" for ZDF 1998.

  • Sharuzen — Visuels : Sharuzen

    Tattoo artist, photographer and model

  • Interview with Mel Gama — Par Nelson Medina · Visuels : Mel Gama

    Fine Art
    (Brazil) - March 2012