Digital platform for libraries

Academia Scopalto is a digital news stand that allows an access to more than 150 artistic and cultural magazines. Therefore, more than 3200 issues can be read in their wholeness, thanks to an easy and user-friendly online interface.

Academia Scopalto is available into the library or with a remote access. It allows an unlimited consultation for all the subscribers of the library.

Academia Scopalto, Culture in all its aspects

Literature, contemporary art, cinema, design, cultural news, creation, youth... the magazines cover the whole spectrum of culture. They all have in common the fact of being available in a printed version in news stand but also in a digital version on Academia Scopalto.

Academia Scopalto offers a powerful search engine that gives the possibility of realizing advanced researches about articles’ contents as well as to all linked meta data (author, illustrator, key words). This tool, really easy to use is perfect to wander a cross our vast catalog.

A daily improving catalog

Academia Scopalto is an access to a rich cultural heritage. The back issues that are available, concern actual magazines but also disappeare dones (ex: L’Evenement).

The catalog expands everyday with new issues and regularly with new magazines. Since 2016, Academia Scopalto is opened to international magazines (Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, United States of America...) and welcomes magazines such as Los Inrocks, Inter, Lucire...

A no-coercion platform for an unlimited consultation

All the issues can be read on the browser with a HTML e-reader (no need to set up plug-ins). Academia is compatible with different Integrated Library Systems, which ensures a single authentification process and a complete discovery of the catalog.

Academia Scopalto offers an annual fixed fee that gives an unlimited access to all the magazines on the platform.


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