Issue two

Suitably Dressed to Shuffle

by James E Smith · illustrations: James E Smith

Historical Fact: Shoe in a Shoe

Musée International de la Chaussure

I hate your shoes

by Grace Eagle

3D Printed Shoes: Layer by Layer

by Grace Eagle · illustrations: Ida Riveros

Nostalgia and the Worn Shoe

Curator Ellen Sampson

Baby Shoe vs. Gran Shoe

Nike & Patricia

The Foot Craftsman: Anthony Andrews

by Grace Eagle · illustrations: Ida Riveros


Curator Rebecca Shawcross

La Mode A La Maude

illustrations: Pat Francis

Poor Shoes

Playwright Michael Harding

Journalistic Fashion Criticism Then and Now

by Aurélie van de Peer

To Vogue or Not to Vogue

by Johannes Reponen

Hallak, the Couture Cleaners

by Ashley Palmer · illustrations: Bea de Giacomo

Riccardo Michahelles

by Flavia Loscialpo · illustrations: Nicola Carignani

Jane de Teliga

by Flavia Loscialpo · illustrations: Ida Riveros