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Life on water

by David Khalat · illustrations: Craig Jackson, Nathan Pask

One Sunday morning, Beth Kennedy invited us on to her narrowboat home to talk about life as a water dweller.

Home Towns

by David Lemm, Alice Lickens, Nic Farrell

Isy Suttie, Alain de Botton and Mr Bingo each discuss growing up in their very different home towns.

Mr Bingo

illustrations: David Lemm

As one of the most successful illustrators in the UK, Mr Bingo has worked with the likes of The Mighty Boosh, Wired and QI (he designed the cover for the BBC series’ book). Now living in east London, he’s ascended to what some would call illustration’s dizzying heights. However, we decided to ask him about his sleepy hometown, and why he left.

Isy Suttie

illustrations: Alice Lickens

Isy Suttie, stand-up comedian, musician, writer and Dobbie in Peep Show, hails from the Derbyshire town of Matlock. Like many rural teenagers, the charm of this former spa town – with its cable tramway and limestone cottages – was lost on Isy at the time.

Alain de Botton

illustrations: Nic Farrell

I grew up in Zurich. It’s stunning. You have views over the lake and the nearby mountains. You can accuse Zurich of many things – being stifling, provincial, insular – but not ugly. The architecture is astonishing. Ordinary buildings, schools or bus stations are built by very intelligent and accomplished craftspeople and architects.

A conversation with Dan Renton, founder of Safari Britain

by Freya Hardy · illustrations: Ruby Taylor

It’s not often that a camping trip will see you skinning rabbits. However, Safari Britain is something of an alien concept; nestled deep in the heart of the South Downs National Park, this campsite offers breathtaking views, wildlife adventures and workshops in everything from foraging to falconry, each led by an expert guide.

A conversation with sculptor Kevin Cyr

by Kevin Cyr · illustrations: Kevin Cyr

Kevin Cyr creates worlds like no other – small and perfectly formed, his compact mobile “homes” are inspired by vehicles of the past. After spending five years as a bike messenger in Boston, he began to create camper bikes from found objects. Here he tells us the story behind his work.

Amusement Parking

by Grashina Gabelmann · illustrations: Grashina Gabelmann

Near Berlin’s Plänterwald, nestled deep within an old forest, is a forgotten amusement park: Spree Park. Grashina Gabelmann tells the story of her visit to the park and its unfortunate owner Norbert Witte.

From London to Berlin

by Siobhan Leddy, Grashina Gabelmann · illustrations: Kate Copeland

We speak to screen printer and founder of Mother Drucker Dolly Demorati about leaving everything behind and starting again.

A conversation with Nick Weston

by Freya Hardy · illustrations: Patrick O’Leary

Looking for an escape from the city and in pursuit of a simpler, cheaper way of life, Nick Weston made the decision to build and inhabit a tree house deep in a Sussex forest.

A space for imagination

by Zita Abila · illustrations: Craig Barr

Lately, an increasing number of people have been letting their minds roam freely within empty urban spaces – filling derelict plots with creativity. We speak to the leaders of three very different projects pioneering creative urban regeneration.

The Cheese Mountain Tragedy

by Florence Reidenbach · illustrations: Laura Colomé

The Cheese Mountain Tragedy opened in May 2011 on Schönleinstraße in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Shared and run by three artists, Josh Bauman, Johan Potma and Wolfgang Reimers, this studio/gallery is an inviting space that catches the eyes of passersby. Is it a shop, a cafe or a gallery?