The artist's voice since 1981

BOMB MAGAZINE is an independent art & literary quarterly that publishes interviews between artists, writers, actors, directors, and musicians, as well as fiction, poetry, photography, and essays on artists by other artists.

Its mission is to deliver the artist’s voice through in-depth interviews between artists working across genres and media, collaborations between painters, poets, novelists, filmmakers, photographers, and musicians that reveal their craft and creative processes through carefully developed dialogues—now and for posterity.

Named after Wyndham Lewis’s influential 1914 journal Blast, BOMB Magazine was launched because its founders saw a disparity between the way artists talked about their work among themselves and the way it was described by critics. As a result, BOMB reinvented the question-and-answer format, developing an editorial methodology that delves deep into theory and practice, allowing complex discussions to emerge. Like Blast, BOMB is edited by artists and writers to this day.

BOMB has become an international magazine that pairs artists in conversation based on the relevance of their work to one another and nuances of personality. We transform lively, raw transcripts into intellectually stimulating, yet immediate exchanges that preserve the artists’ voices. BOMB also publishes a 32-page literary supplement called First Proof featuring emerging and established authors, excerpts of novels, and first-time translations into English.

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charlemagne palestine · john ashbery · juan uslé · giuliana bruno · lola arias · tania bruguera
zoe leonard · etel adnan · jay scheib · lucy corin · anselm berrigan · lisa robertso
mary halvorson · kai althoff · dodie bellamy · edwige danticat · amie siegel · jon pestoni
stephen vitiello · julia holter · steve roden · rodrigo rey rosa · amy sillman · miyoshi barosh
abraham cruzvillegas · gyula kosice · hope gangloff · joanne greenbaum · fiona maazel · phillip lopate
enrique vila-matas · stan allen · stanley whitney · rachel kushner · halsey rodman · christopher deeton
cristian mungiu · david lang · nico muhly · fanny howe · tony feher · oscar murillo
haim steinbach · josiah mcelheny · lucy raven · jaime manrique · susanna moore · amy herzog
Bomb Danny Lyon
brian evenson · eija-liisa ahtila · john newman · b. wurtz · wayne koestenbaum · ralph lemon
Bomb Issue 119
ingo schulze · charles long · k8 hardy · liz deschenes · heidi julavits · nicolás pereda
Bomb Issue 118
yang fudong · jimmie durham · robert ashley · tamara zahaykevich · jennie c. jones · john miller