The Lowbrow Reader

The Lowbrow reader of lowbrow comedy

The Lowbrow Reader is a lushly illustrated comedy journal from New York City, geared toward those enlightened souls who understand the genius of Joan Rivers and Adam Sandler. Writing on The New York Times website, Dwight Garner proclaimed the Lowbrow “a smart little journal about what’s sometimes perceived as dumb humor,” adding that “it feels like a steal.” The Village Voice has called it “excellent and actually quite high-minded,” while The Comics Journal named the publication “the killer zine about comedy to end all killer zines about comedy.” The Lowbrow Reader has featured contributions by Shelley Berman (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Neil Michael Hagerty (The Howling Hex), David Berman (Silver Jews), Gilbert Rogin (The New Yorker), and the late singer and record producer Lee Hazlewood, as well as interviews with Muhammad Ali, The White Stripes, Mo'Nique, and Ol' Dirty Bastard. A book anthology, The Lowbrow Reader Reader, is being published by Drag City Books in 2012.

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The Lowbrow Reader Digest Issue 11 · enrico pallazzo · andrew dice clay
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The Lowbrow Reader Jay Ruttenberg · billy madison · gilbert rogin · shelley berman · margeaux rawson · carson ellis
The Lowbrow Reader Issue 8 · billy madison · muhammad ali · clowns · cartoons
The Lowbrow Reader Issue 1 · language · billy madison · von dutch · johann sebastian bach · the stooges