Your journal of meat culture

MEATPAPER is an independent print journal covering art and ideas about meat. Neither pro nor con, Meatpaper was founded in response to the recent groundswell of interest in the ethics, aesthetics, and cultural significance of meat. Meatpaper articles are from many different disciplines: reported journalism, profiles of people who spend their lives working with meat, anthropology, personal narrative, coverage of artists who use meat in their work either as subject or material, and poetry. Each issue features original art, photography, and editorial illustrations.

All cultures have customs and taboos associated with the eating of animals. We believe that examining these attitudes toward meat in an unbiased forum can illuminate larger cultural issues. We are deeply committed to independent journalism. Meatpaper exists not to prescribe dietary choices, but to facilitate one of the more important conversations of our time.

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Meatpaper Fishue
alaska · whale · antarctic · isabella rossellini · fish suace · eel
sea fox · catholics · mathias svalina · john j. audubon · ron padgett · seafood
Meatpaper Bones
contemporary art · evolution · scrimshaw · talismans · archaeology