Poetry is dead

Poetry in Canada

POETRY IS DEAD Magazine is a semi-annual publication devoted to poetry in Canada with a strong emphasis on the West Coast.

It is 64 pages of poetry, art, reviews, and essays with new content coming out of Canada. Our mandate and purpose is to promote Canadian poetry with a focus on a younger generation of poets. Our mission is to provide a bridge between the poetry readers and non-poetry readers. To widen the audience of poetry in Vancouver, and to promote the art of poetry in all forms.

Poetry Is Dead truly believes in variety and equality. We are dedicated to publishing works from all classes, races, genders, sexualities and put an emphasis on inclusivity.

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Poetry is dead The Humour Issue · sara bynoe · billeh nickerson · margret bollerup · emily davidson · kellee ngan
Poetry is dead The sound issue · hedda hakvag · zach haber · andrew mcewan · kevin mcneilly · elee kraljii gardiner