This house ain’t no home

Jannica Honey

illustrations: Jannica Honey

Laurent Impeduglia

illustrations: Laurent Impeduglia

Alexandre Brunet

illustrations: Alexandre Brunet

Dorothée Smith

illustrations: Dorothée Smith

Omar Macchiavelli

illustrations: Omar Macchiavelli

Eugene Levit

illustrations: Eugene Levit

Garage Gang Group

by Andres Gonzalez

Based in Ukraine, Garage Gang Group offers the international community of photographers to undertake the "woman" subject. This portfolio is part of the first project that we made with american photographer Andres Gonzalez, it focuses on Ukranian women. The idea is to create the woman (past, present & future) as a personality key to society, as she defines our social structures, our value systems and the way we live today. GGG's goal is to underline all around the world the role of women the way they shape our behaviour abd carry-out our cultural modeling. They hope to inspire international artists to replicate their project in their own country and society.

Gautier Pallancher

illustrations: Gautier Pallancher

Models vs Food

illustrations: Alice Rosati

Anouck Durand

illustrations: Anouck Durand