The Humour Issue

What’s So Funny?

by Laura Matwichuk and Sheryda Warrener

A conversational essay


- Octopus vs. pencil - Mannequines - Touchable Moment, 1986 - You* - Lesbian at a Bachelor Party - Choose Your Own Adventure: Young(ish) Professional - Flushed - May 22, 1986 - Shiny Thing - Errata and Addenda - Radical Subjectivity


by Emily Davidson, Melissa Sawatsky, Nikki Reimer, Natalie Thompson

- Wood by Jennica Harper - Milk tooth bane bone by Daniela Elza - Multitudes by Margaret Christakos - Sybil Unrest by Larissa Lai and Rita Wong

What Did the Poet Say to the Guest Editor?

by Dina Del Bucchia

An interview with David McGimpsey