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Issue 8

numéro 8
date 12/2010
magazine The Lowbrow Reader
périodicité annuel
Univers Culture
nationalité US
  • Clowns at Work — Par Neil Michael Hagerty

  • Me and Ali — Par Gilbert Rogin

    In 1996, soon after Muhammad Ali lit the torch to launch Atlanta's Olympic games, the boxer met with novelist Gilbert Rogin in New York City. Rogin -- a former Sports Illustrated editor who covered Ali early in both men's careers -- wrote the following account.

  • Five Cartoons — Par David Berman

  • Billy Madison : a love letter — Par Jay Ruttenberg

    I have heard it said that it's during times of emotional tumult that young men are drawn to Bob Dylan, or at least to religion. Yet it was under such a cloud that, one summer in the 1990s, I grew suddenly and undyingly gripped by a very different tour de force: Billy Madison, the 1995 movie featuring Adam Sandler

  • Musicians You Should Know — Par Jay Ruttenberg · Visuels : Mike Reddy

  • Laughter Strikes the Duplex Planet — Par David Greenberger