Peeping Tom’s Digest

A publication exploring contemporary art scene around the world.

PEEPING TOM'S DIGEST is an experimental and subjective publication exploring contemporary art scene around the world.

Each issue focuses on trends and movements of a particular geographic area and highlights the artists and initiatives represented within it. The point of departure for each edition is a residency of the Peeping Tom collective lasting several months in the chosen city, region or country. Deliberately empirical, without critical, theoretical or historical pretensions, its approach allows them to veer off the beaten path. Not only sharing the work, the artists, and the artistic and cultural efforts they encountered, each volume also aims to reveal the specificity of a depicted art scene: the curatorial process and the structure of the magazine (graphic design, format, number of pages and so on) varies from issue to issue reflecting the characteristics and stakes of each locale. The genealogy of the experiment and its numerous protagonists are showcased in the publication as an inserted poster.

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Peeping Tom’s Digest Paris
mohamed bourouissa · jean-jacques lévêque · galerie chantal crousel · saint-ouen · florence bonnefous · julie-anne côté
6 €
Peeping Tom’s Digest Beirut
saloua raouda choucair · lana daher · sirine fattouh · magali ghosn · george awde · patric chiha
6 €
Peeping Tom’s Digest Mexico
alejandro almanza pereda · begoña morales · carlos ranc · césar cervantes · claudia de la torre · daniel monroy
6 €
Peeping Tom’s Digest Berlin
berlin · diana scheer · mehdi hercberg · jan von holleben · amira fritz
6 €