date 2011-05-01
magazine Le Son du Grisli
periodicity semestriel
world Musique
language fr
country FRANCE

Sept guitares

Otomo Yoshihide

By Guillaume Belhomme

- Good Cop, Bad Cop - Live in Lisbon - Difference Between The Two Clocks - Music(s) - Lonely Woman

Lee Ranaldo

By Jérôme Orsoni

- Sonic Youth - Outside My Window The City Is Never Asleep - Oasis of Whispers - The Eternal - We'll Know Where When We Get There

Raymond Boni

By Luc Bouquet

- Rêve en couleurs - L'homme étoilé - Voice and Dreams - Talk About... The Listener Writer - Family Reunion

Keith Rowe

By Guillaume Belhomme

- Generative Themes - Ajar - Duos for Doris - RKW

Derek Bailey

By Héctor Cabrero

- The London Concert - The Advocate - Play Backs - Standards - Carpal Tunnel

Oren Ambarchi

By Pierre Cécile

- Triste - Flypaper - Oystered - Vigil -Tima Formosa

Garrison Fewell

By Pierre lemarchand

- Good Night Songs - Big Chief Dreaming - The Variabl Density Sound Orchestra - Sound Particel