Issue 7

Susan Fraser-Hughes

by Eduardo Pérez Viloria

Marc Chagall would say that art is a state of mind, and it is precisely this intangible essence that defines the work of Susan Fraser-Hughes. Born in Australia and living in Canada for more than a decade, this artist reflects the deepest feelings and emotions in each of her works. She is able to see the world from a different perspective, appreciating the detail and uniqueness of each object and person. Susan not only creates, but feels and lives intensely, making her art an extension of herself.

Kevin Marion

by Eduardo Pérez Viloria

Kevin Marion is an American architect, married with children, but above all an artist. He uses computer tools to create avant- garde abstract compositions.

Catherine Gillet

by Axelle Delorme

Catherine Gillet is a visual artist who graduated from ESAD in Orléans. She expresses herself mainly through engraving and drawing, but more recently also through volume creation. Her career as an artist has been marked by a number of awards and distinctions, including the Lacourière prize in 2000, awarded by the Bibliothèque nationale de France to intaglio printmakers since 1979. Since the 1980s, she has exhibited regularly in galleries, art centres and fairs. Some of her work can be found in public collections in France and Japan.

Tarik Berber

by Filly di Somma

Born in Banja Luka (Bosnia) in 1980, Tarik Berber studied at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts in an artist's studio, before moving to London, where he now lives and works. Before the age of 21, thanks to an "old-fashioned" art collector, he presented his work. He was the youngest artist invited to exhibit at the inauguration of the new Museum of Contemporary Art in Italy. It was at a number of major art fairs, both in Italy and abroad, that interest in his work grew among collectors.

Sergio Guataquira Sarmiento

by François Beauxis-Aussalet

Sergio Guataquira Sarmiento was born in Bogotá. At the age of 19, he left Colombia for Europe and enrolled at the Beaux-Arts in Poitiers, where he became interested in cinema and later entered the Institut des arts de diffusion in Louvain, Belgium. In 2018, his graduation film Simon pleure was spotted and circulated widely at festivals. Sergio currently lives in Brussels, awaiting regularisation.

Dina Goldstein

by François Beauxis-Aussalet

Dina Goldstein was born in Tel Aviv and emigrated with her family to Canada at the age of 7. She chose to become a photographer at the age of 23 after studying political science, sociology, anthropology, photography and art history. She started out as a photojournalist for the press, before embarking on a successful career as an advertising photographer, while also working on her own artistic projects. In 2009, she produced "Fallen Princesses" and has since devoted herself entirely to her artistic work. Dina Goldstein has exhibited her work in numerous museums and has exhibited on every continent.

Fred Atlan

by Rachel Hardouin

Fred Atlan, born in April 1966, discreetly carries out his photographic research in the heart of his Parisian apartment-studio. He photographs, draws and paints too, in a sensitive universe of ink, graphite and pastel, which he mixes with all the materials his hands come into contact with. Fred Atlan creates images in his huis clos, listening to jazz composers, electro music and songs with lyrics.

Nathalie Borowski

by Paul Escudier

A graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Nathalie Borowski tries to establish links between science and societal patterns by working in different media such as drawing, decoupage and embroidery. It will shortly be on show in Luynes, Fresnes and Bourges.

Didier Debriat

by François Beauxis-Aussalet

Didier Debriat was born in Charleville-Mézières in 1955, one hundred years after Rimbaud. At the age of 12, he was deeply influenced by the exhibition of the Tutankhamen treasure at the Grand Palais in Paris. He is a lover of Saharan Africa, which he has travelled in all directions for decades. Along with his travel souvenirs, he brings back works of art from his friends in the Sahel, which he exhibits in Biarritz in his shop, Le Caméléon. Didier Debriat is also a poet and artist.