Portrait of a girl

The helpless ones

par Frederick Booth

Decorations for an imaginary ballet

par Henry Bellamann

On painting

visuels: Joseph Stella

In preference to appending a critical article on the life and work of Joseph Stella, reproductions of whose paintings are presented in this issue, and whose Brooklyn Bridge appeared in our first issue, we have decided to print the following speech, verbatim, delivered by him at a recent gathering of artists in New York.

Princess Vehana

par Haniel Long

Paragraphs concerning the Princess Vehana

The contract

par Sherwood Anderson

Notre Amerique

par Leon Bazalgette

Tlic impression of a Frenchman 011 reading Our America, by Waldo Frank, published by Boni and Liveright, New York, and by the Nouvelle Revue Française. Paris.

Hazi, wife, of sender surtuck

par Konrad Bercovici

The bird with the coppery, keen claws

par Wallace Stevens