Fernand Léger

Snakes, mongooses

par Marianne Moore

Snake-charmers and the like

Dedicated to the enemy

par Gordon Craig · visuels: Gordon Craig

With a prayer that they will be stronger more malicious and anyhow funnier than they have been in the past.

Lady of sorrows

par Shirley L. Seifert

They laugh at her in Collierton, but with a queer, puzzled, false note in their laughter.

The jack of diamonds

par Elie Ehrenbourg

Giovanni Papini

par Giuseppe Prezzolini

The time is always opportune for writing something about Papini; the more you endeavor to define and characterize him, the more he seems to evade you and create a new Papini who forces a revised judgment.

Candy cigar and stationary

par Waldo Frank

There was a light shining within the lives of Lotte and Isidor Rabinowich

Profound today

par Blaise Cendrars

I no longer know whether I regard the starry heavens with my eyes or if I look at a drop of water thru a microscope.


par William Saphie · visuels: William Gropper

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