May 1922

Marche funèbre

par Lawrence Vail


The son that I would have had

par Ramon Gomez

I had not had a son and I met the son that I would have had if I had had a son.

One hundred envelopes

par Ramon Gomez de la Serna

The dead man, who had expected death, cried out in the other world, with rage, indignation and sorrow.

The snow man

par Donald Corley

The Square was at afternoon ; snow fell: straight, monotonous, unflurried ; it made little cones on the tops of posts, it made hawsers out of wires, it amplified every twig on every tree, it made the roofs look thatched, it filled foot-prints and wheel-tracks.

George Moore

par Marianne Moore


The rakeoff and the getaway

par Carl Sandburg

Three united states sonnets

par E. E. Cummings

The heaven of mean streets

par Louis Untermeyer

Modern german literature

par Franz Blei

During the period of William II, that colossus with feet of clay, German literature was ever his faithful mirror, even when it twisted his image with ingenious or satirical grimaces.

Foreign exchange

par H. A. L.

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