Enrico Pranpolini

Stavrogin’s confession

par Feodor Destoyevsky · trad: Avrahm Yarmolinsky

Introductory note


par John Crawford

A champion in the wilderness

par Robert Alden Sanborn

When The Soil, a radical magazine of art, first pricked through the cement crust of New York City, in December, 1916, there were perhaps a dozen friends who were enough interested to remain on hand and to see that the brash young greenling was not at once flattened under foot.

And the antipodes of unity

par Blaise Cendrars

Young man with spectacles

par Malcolm Cowley

I do not wish to describe his minor details : for example that he had blue or brown eyes and was somewhat under six feet tall, that he attended Harvard University (or Chicago), and that he was the only son of an unimportant lawyer in Pennsylvania or Nebraska.

The Lay of Maldoror

par Comte de Lautréamont · visuels: John Rodker

Further Selections from Second Canto

The painters

par Roger Vitrac


Tatlin’s monument to the Third International

par Louis Lozowick

The æsthetic of the machine and mechanical introspection in art

par Enrico Prampolini