January 1923

My dear Mrs. Wurtelbach

par Kenneth Burke

What if he had known Wurtelbach since the days when they had a tent in the back yard and played Old Maid if it rained?


par Jean Toomer

Her skin is like dusk on the eastern horizon, O can't you see it, O can't you see it, Her skin is like dusk on the eastern horizon . . . When the sun goes down.

Maya art

par George Sacken

There is in the American Museum of Natural History, a room devoted to Maya art.

The house of Conover

par Robert Alden Sanborn

There was consternation in the house of Price Conover.


par Matthew Josephson

I sang in the morning, having arisen, a song-bird, from my dreamless sleep amid the shadows of the abyss.


par Margaret Evans

The destruction of Tenochtitlan

par William Carlos Williams



par Charles Galwey

The vulgarized sea persists the symbol of futility confronted with ironies.


par Gertrude Stein

The springs of guilty song

par Hart Crane


par Marianne Moore

Dr. Mahaffy says in his essay "The Principles of the Art of Conversation," that artificiality is an evidence of some kind of dishonesty.

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