Lincoln as seen by the cartoonists of his time

par Guido Bruno

Our great Iceberg Melting Away

par Guido Bruno

From Vanity Fair, March 9th 1861

Yes, Hall of Fame

par M. Clemm

Bread ? No

Boulevard St. Michael

par Murray Sheehan

Germany’s Angel

par Julius Doerner

You surely will know that each of the belligerent countries has an envoy in the disguise of an angel kneeling at the throne of God and praying for the victory of the armes of his country.

Hippolyte Havel about the village

par Hippolyte Havel

Charles Edison’s Little Thimble Theatre

par W. J. Lampton

A program of unusual interest will be given on Thursday, Friday ans Saturday in Charles Edison's Little Thimble Theatre at 10 Fifth Avenue.

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