The Last of the War Correspondents

The Last of the War Correspondents

par C. A. Logue

WITH a Russian bullet in his heart, Baron von Kriegelstein lies somewhere in the melting snows of East Prussia And there are no more war correspondents!

Oscar Wilde

par Guido Bruno

THE greatness and beauty of the ancient Greeks and Romans, the colors and opulence of the far Orient, intoxication, over-indulgence, leading to the oblivion of the time of Nero; asceticism, incense, the gloom and inspiration of candles flickering in cathedrals and temples; clean men with boyish faces in white, gold and purple garb, and the sacred music of the Catholic rite.

In our village

par Bruno Garret

Book-Plate Notes

visuels: Clara Tice

To answer a great many inquiries of the past weeks: Clara Tice ventured into the field of book-plate designing. A few of her plates can be found in the catalogue of the exhibition of book plates held in Bruno's Garret last year. Her bookplate designs are most appropriate for children's books and for books on costumes and fashions.

Wall street reflections

Variety may be the spice of life, but Wall Street doesn't like too much of this kind of spice served up in the market.

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