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Eat Well Seated

Andreau World presents the publication Eat Well Seated

Memphis oracle

by Salka Hallström Bornold

A legend is coming to town: Paola Navone is the honorary guest of the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Salka Hallström Bornold met her for a conversation about poetry in design and the beauty of imperfection.


by Lena Bergström

Lena Bergström is a veteran in the design game with the expertise that comes with the years. That becomes clear when you look closely at her creations.

Can’t pay ? Won’t pay !

by Susanne Helgeson · illustrations: Linn Ahlgren

The #MeToo movement has called out oppressors and sexists on a global scale, and the design world should be no exception. It’s time to break the culture of silence, writes Susanne Helgeson.

Magnificent 18

by Per Nyström

The surest sign of spring is here: The Furniture Week in Stockholm. We asked 18 designers from all over the Nordic region to tell us about their news - and share their best Stockholm tips.

New kids on the block

by Hanna Johansson

Ung Svensk Form is doing better than ever and celebrates its 20th anniversary with a grand opening at ArkDes in Stockholm. ”This year’s finalists have shown the courage and desire to go against the stream”, says jury member Marcus Engman.

The flying dutchman

He was one of the heroes of the Dutch avantgarde in the nineties. Now, Richard Hutten has been appointed art director of Chinese furniture giant Zuoyou. ”It’s a big adventure, and a big chance of failure”, he says. ”Everything is dierent in China.”

Hunger games

by Bo Madestrand

Restaurants aren’t just about eating. Interior and furniture design are an equally important part of the experience. Bo Madestrand talks with the designers behind three exciting new Stockholm restaurants – and points out 11 other gems in the city.

Southern comfort

by Carolina Söderholm

Scanian design is suddenly all the rage. How did this happen? Carolina Söderholm travels across the region to map the successful southern Swedish design movement.

A Perfect Desert Storm

by Salka Hallström Bornold

One of the world’s most spectacular student exhibitions takes place every year in Dubai, with British curator Brendan McGetrick at the helm. Salka Hallström Bornold selects five Nordic faves from the latest edition of Global Grad Show, among 200 entries from 90 countries.

Big brother watching

by Leo Gullbring · illustrations: Carl Fredrik Holtermann

The Smart City will make us all happier. No unnecessary queuing, driverless cars. Lights, water and electricity only when needed. The city as one big smartphone, all under the benevolent surveillance of AI. Sound too good to be true? Maybe it is.

Postmodernism always rings twice

by Tor Lindstrand · illustrations: Alexander de Cuveland

Tor Lindstrand returns to the Södra Station area and finds a postmodern suburbia in the middle of Stockholm. ”Starting at Södra Station”, he writes, ”the City of Stockholm entered a long love affair with the neo-liberal urban construction.”

Access denied

by Hanna Johansson

In the city we are all welcome – as consumers. In his book on excluding design, Fredrik Edin describes how public space is shrinking for everyone else.