The final countdown

Farewell, fair tens

by Anders Bergmark

Recycling, handicrafts, simple materials and social criticism. Anders Bergmark remembers a decade when design became more socially aware – and digitalised.

The last outpost

by Nils Forsberg

Under the Svalbardian ground is a gene bank of four million seeds and digital data – a subterranean archive for the future of our planet. Norwegian architects Snøhetta have designed a visitor centre that looks like a mix of science fiction and ancient cultures, set to open in two years.

The wild seeds

by Carolina Söderholm

Design duo Wang & Söderström are known for working in the interface between the physical and digital worlds. For this year’s Greenhouse at the furniture fair, they have made a wild, organic design.

Mass production

by Sofia Hallström

It’s Christmas all over again – at least for anyone who loves furniture. For this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair, Sofia Hallström asked some of our leading designers what they are showing, and what they like best about the capital.

Public service

by Sofia Hallström

What does the Scandinavian design industry want? Jan Christian Vestre’s answer is that we should become the best at environmental and sustainability issues. The Norwegian director’s own goal is to make Vestre the world’s most sustainable furniture manufacturer.

Portrait of a city

by Bo Madestrand

For five years, illustrator Dennis Eriksson has walked the streets of Stockholm, eternalising his favourite places. Here he tells of his journey from a small town to the capital – giving tips on shops and restaurants along the way.

Alfredo Häberli

by Sofia Hallström

If the one who dies owning the most stuff wins, the award should go to Alfredo Häberli. Sofia Hallström paid him a visit in Zürich to talk about his new textiles for Kvadrat – and about stuff.

Stockholm Design Week

by Salka Hallström · illustrations: Karin Björkquist

The die is cast. Five of Sweden’s leading designers have collectively designed a series of chairs, according to the relay principle. The Kinship Method will premiere during the Stockholm Design Week. Form have followed the group since they began in spring, when we published the first therapy session. Here is part two.

Save Handarbetets Vänner !

by Susanne Helgeson

Since 1874, Handarbetets Vänner has been promoting Swedish textile art and design. But the organisation is now at risk of dying. Susanne Helgeson explains why – and calls for action.

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