In search of lost time

The Covid effect

by Sofia Hallström

How do pandemics affect our spheres of life? And what traces will covid leave? Sofia Hallström spoke with an architectural historian obsessed with diseases and a furniture giant about the effects of covid.

Gröna och begåvade

På mässans avdelning Greenhouse visas de unga formgivartalangerna. Här berättar några av de unga stjärnorna om sina projekt och förhoppningar inför framtiden.

Jessica Carlstein

Sara Wadskog

Johan Lindau

Johanna Cahné

Jan Christian Vestre

Agneta Stake

Emil Larsson

Looking backwards

by Carolina Söderholm

Trine Søndergaard’s portraits are based on traditional Danish costumes and fabrics, while also addressing the current debate on cultural identity and the female experience.

A new dawn over Gustavsberg

by Bo Madestrand · illustrations: Kristoffer Johnsson

Any news has been bad news for Gustavsberg in recent years. Local MPs want to shut the art gallery, and artists risk losing their studios to make way for housing. But now, hope is blooming in the old factory town.

Superficial architecture

A personal and nostalgic time capsule of the 1980s.

Beate Karlsson

by Salka Hallström