Ciao Milano !

Milan on a plate

by Leo Gullbring

Milan buff Leo Gullbring’s guide to exhibitions and eateries in the design capital – and to the mighty mothership of all furniture fairs: Il Salone.

From India with love

by Susanne Helgeson

Egypt, Iran, England, Germany, and France – multi-background interior designer India Mahdavi comes with a whole world of influences. Susanne Helgeson meets a designer not afraid of clashing colours.

Green light for Stockholm

by Emilia Engblad · illustrations: Emilia Engblad

Emilia Engblad visited the Stockholm Furniture fair and found it green-tinted – and not only from an environmental perspective.

Thi syear’s Form award winners

by Emilia Engblad

They were awarded the Sustainability Prize for an interior design magazine made with youth in the southern suburbs of Stockholm. Now Design Lab S is facing shutdown.

Vanity Fair

by Bo Madestrand · illustrations: Patrick Miller

Ups and downs and the occasional demon have accompanied Alexander Lervik through his 20-year career. Now he is looking back with a major exhibition in Stockholm.

Towards a truly sustainable architecture

by Rasmus Graakjær

We have to start looking at old houses as a recycable resource. Rasmus Graakjær introduces the concept of circular architecture.

Marge in the middle

by Susanne Helgeson · illustrations: Patrick Miller

In the last ten years, Marge has emerged from the margins to the centre court of Swedish architecture with their expressive yet unobtrusive projects. Susanne Helgeson set out to meet them and find out the secrets of their success.

Heaven and hell

by Sara Danius

She reached for the sky, while he went underground. Both are seminal for architecture photography as we know it today. The Swedish Academy’s Sara Danius portrays two legendary masters of photography, Berenice Abbott and Walker Evans.

From midtown to the midnight sun

by Carolina Söderholm

Their roots are in Norrbotten and Skåne, but their career really took off in New York. Now, Malmö-based designer duo Kauppi & Kauppi is planning a branch in Tornedalen. ”We are equally inspired by bustling Manhattan as by fishing in the Torne River under the midnight sun”, says Nina Kauppi.

The Hennix experience

by Hanna Johansson · illustrations: Patrik Engström

She is perhaps best known for her potty with the irreverent text ”Go Sweden!”, but is most pleased with her stoneware grave stones. Hanna Johansson visits Sweden’s legendary ceramicist Margareta Hennix in Gustavsberg.

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