Suburban Rhapsody


The sun also rises in Bergen

Viva Zaha

par Nils Forsberg · visuels: Johan Fowelin

Zaha Hadid’s art museum in Ordrupgaard outside of Copenhagen looks like a deserted space ship. As an homage to the recently deceased starchitect, Nils Forsberg paid a visit to her only finished building in Scandinavia.

Next top Venice

par Salka Hallström Bornold

The curator of this year's architectural biennial has specifically asked for architecture from the front lines. But the team behind the Nordic Pavilion apparently didn't listen.

The young ones

par Per Nyström · visuels: Daniel Lundkvist

Debutants and veterans tend to be most favoured by the media. But a designer's life contains more phases than that. Daniel Lundkvist and Per Nyström portray some of our faves from the 30-something-generation: the millennials.

Little America

par Johan Deurell · visuels: Daniel Lundkvist

Concrete modernism meets idyllic small town life in Täby. Johan Deurell returns to his childhood streets and finds that little has changed in this Americanised suburb.

True Blue

par Salka Hallström Bornold

From social housing to cultural centres and a beautiful aquarium – the Danish architecture firm 3XN operate on a global scale. Salka Hallström Bornold meets the founder Kim Herforth Nielsen in Cannes.

Tombstone blues

par Charlie drevstam · visuels: Bo Madestrand

Hardly anyone remembers the Danish sculptor Rudolph Tegner anymore. But the museum he built in honour of himself is an early modernist masterpiece. Photographer Charlie Drevstam made the pilgrimage to North Zealand and found a building full of paradoxes.

Boys Don’t Cry

par Emilia Engblad · visuels: Daniel Lundkvist

Boys Don't Cry create store concepts out of French philosophy and post-punk. Emilia Engblad went to see the unconventional Stockholm agency who are celebrating their tenth anniversary this year.

The minister and the bubble

par Salka Hallström Bornold

The housing crisis favours the ones who own their homes. Could that be the reason why the housing problem always gets politically sidelined? Salka Hallström Bornold sees an exhibition about a human tragedy that gets more devastating with each sales record in Stockholm.

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