Hands on !

Revolutionary recollections

by Nils Forsberg

The protesters of the May 1968 events may not have gone into the history books for their style and design, but the signs they waved still conveyed the energy of the protests.

Skin deep design

by Bo Madestrand

Over five thousand years ago, the "Ice Man" Ötzi lay down for his final rest in the Alps on the border between Italy and Austria. When his body was discovered in the ice at an altitude of three thousand metres by two tourists in 1991, it was a scientific miracle – never before had such an old, naturally mummified body been found.

Signs of the times

by Bo Madestrand

Ugly light boxes with generic fonts and screaming misspelled sandwich boards. There is a lot wrong with the visual expression of Stockholm's streetscape.

Chair charms

by Jenny Damberg

Pettersen & Hein work in the borderland between art and design. In June they are participating in the design biennale Reform 18 in Munkeruphus.

Craft collaborations

by Jenny Damberg

For the first time in many years, news stories on small-scale ceramic industrial production in Scandinavia are not all about shutdowns.


by Jenny Damberg

In her exhibition More Things, designer and silversmith Åsa Elmstam has created objects that highlight the problem of overconsumption.

Going underground

by Emilia Engblad

Icelandic artist Erna E Skúladóttir does some deep research about ceramics and ancient craft techniques.

The order of things

by Emilia Engblad · illustrations: Emilia Engblad

In a very short time, Danish producer Hay has emerged as one of Scandinavia’s most successful design companies. Emilia Engblad met with Mette Hay for a chat in one of Milan’s most magnificent courtyards during the spring design week.

Five fine finns

by Ulla-Karin Hoyna

In the previous issue of Form, we wrote about the exhibition Back to the Present in Helsinki, in which the curators argued that it is difficult for contemporary Finnish design to break free from their heavy modernist legacy. But is the picture really that dark? Ulla-Karin Höynä reports from the Finnish capital.

Block party

by Rasmus Graakjaer

Rem Koolhaas rocks the seaside in new Copenhagen project.