After the Plague

Muddy Waters

by Carolina Söderholm

Contemporary pottery has scrapped perfection as an ideal. Instead, it embraces the dark side of life. Carolina Söderholm speaks with three ceramicists who are revitalising the ancient craft.

Eastern promises

by Ulla-Karin Höynä

Finnish glassworks have a long and rich legacy. But now they are being challenged by a new generation of designers. ”We are Alvar Aalto’s grandchildren and we’re now doing our own things”, says Milla Vaahtera.

Kinship finale

by Salka Hallström · illustrations: Karin Björkquist

In the project Kinship Method, five of Sweden’s leading designers collectively designed a series of chairs, in relays. Form’s Salka Hallström has followed the project since the beginning, and was there to lead the third and last therapy session for the participants.

At home with Yrjö

by Bo Madestrand · illustrations: Nille Svensson

In the late sixties, designer Yrjö Kukkapuro built a spectacular home for himself and his family in Kauniainen outside Helsinki. Nille Svensson and Bo Madestrand paid a visit to their favourite designer.

50 shades of note

by Bo Madestrand

Note Design Studio are known for their dramatic and colourful interiors. This spring, they were due to design the big exhibition Swedish Design Moves Milan for the fair. Instead, they’re in quarantine, waiting for better times, full of plans and ideas.