290 reasons to party !

The quest for good ideas

by Bo Madestand

Through his own company, designer Chris Martin sings the praises of mass production. He has now received one of the finest awards in Swedish furniture – the Bruno Mathsson Award. Remotely, of course, in these pandemic times.

Celebrating Svensk Form

by Kerstin Wickman

For 175 years, Svensk Form has pushed the evolution of Swedish design – from the founding of Konstfack University to legendary exhibitions like the Stockholm Exhibition and H55, as well as awards like Design S and Ung Svensk Form. Kerstin Wickman pays tribute to a unique association whose history is as hectic as it is impressive.

In good Form since 1905

by F Bo Madestrand

While Svensk Form are celebrating their 175 years, we at Form are busy sticking 115 candles in our cake. Editor-in-chief Bo Madestrand loses himself in over a century worth of magazine history.

Blueprints of racism

by Bjorn Ehrlemark

Mabel O. Wilson is an architect tackling the glossed over facades, destabilised structures and rotten foundations of racism. Here she tells us about an upcoming MoMA exhibition on – and with – the architecture of Black Americans.

Dux Domus

The Domus chair is a selection of lounge chairs available in both steel and wood. With a choice of leather or fabric seat cushions, the chairs are easy to place and have a small footprint.

The clay of the land

by Camilla Granbacka

It started as call for help. Now KWUM outside Helsinki is the only ceramics museum of its kind in Scandinavia.

Digging deep

by Carolina Söderholm

Scania is made of clay. In their joint venture, Gunilla Svensson and Pernilla Norrman explore how the local material can be used for bricks that affirm their geographic and cultural historic origin.