On the horizon

Green, green grass of home

by Leo Gullbring

What will architects of the future look like when AI takes over their job at the drawing table? Perhaps a bit like Stefano Boeri: mayoral candidate, former Domus editor and currently director of the Triennale, the signature behind several Bosco Verticales around the world, and now also the man expected to save the furniture fair in Milan.

Salone del mobile

by Bo Madestrand

We’ll always have Milan!

Karl Anderson & Söner

In an industry that focuses on appearance, Karl Andersson & Sönerare doing the opposite.

Blå Station



Venice Biennale of Architecture

by Leo Gullbring

Crystal clear

illustrations: Mathilda Werngren

In this portfolio by Camilla Pérez and Mathilda Werngren, hard yet delicate art glass meets wobbly yet firm gel, teleporting our minds to a meditative moment on a beach where interesting rocks hide under the deep blue water.

Michela Magas

by Carolina Söderholm

From her base in Umeå, Michela Magas is heading the European design initiative New European Bauhaus. “We can’t build a space rocket with a steam engine, bureaucracy must adapt to the system”, she says.