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Making soundwaves

by Bo Madestrand

Audiotechture receive a red dot award for their sound installation in an adventure pool.

Space is the place

by Sofia Hallström

Architect Albert France-Lanord has designed

Cecilie Manz

by Sofia Hallström

"Linen is as iconic as wood, steel, leather and cotton. I have always had a passion for textiles in linen."

Long live brutalism

by Tor Lindstrand · illustrations: Eric Claesson

The old School of Architecture in Stockholm is considerably better than its reputation. Tor Lindstrand and Eric Claesson portray a brutalist building that is crumbling at the edges.

The weather man

by Nils Forsberg

He turned the Tate Modern into a dazzling sunset and has designed portable solar lamps for use in the third world. This autumn, Olafur Eliasson has a major exhibition in Stockholm. Nils Forsberg calls him up for a conversation about art, design and breakdance.

True grit

by The Form team

News from the material world – in glass, metal and ceramics.


by Bo Madestrand

In her work, Emelie Janrell is equally inspired by surrealism as by black magic. Bo Madestrand goes to see the fashion designer in her unbelievable backyard in Stockholm.

Garden of Sweden

by Johan Fowelin

Barking dogs, leaking wooden boats, black coffee and architecture without architects. Photographer Johan Fowelin left his safe urban lifestyle for an authentic rural experience. This is his story.

Remember Grethe

by Bo Madestrand

With her Firepot series, Grethe Meyer created an instant classic for the dining table. Still, she is primarily remembered for her collaboration with fellow Dane Børge Mogensen. Now is the time to rediscover her work, argues Bo Madestrand.

Dragon’s Den

by Salka Hallström Bornold · illustrations: André Wolff

Technology is like a dragon, says Erwan Bouroullec. ”The challenge is to be able to harness it”. Together with his brother Ronan, he has just designed a TV that is anything but an ordinary wallflower. Salka Hallström Bornold pays a visit to the leading stars of French design in their Belleville studio.

Dream weaver

by Rasmus Graakjær

Dorte Mandrup’s buildings embrace the user like a shell surrounds a snail. Rasmus Graakjær meets the Danish architect for a conversation about social architecture and the importance of giving something back to the city.

Recycle or die

by Niklas Wahllöf

Circular economy is the new buzzword in the design industry. Niklas Wahllöf explains how reusing and recycling can create new jobs and new money.

Happy people

by Salka Hallström Bornold

Every seventh year he closes the office and goes on a sabbatical. Stefan Sagmeister likes to do things his own way. Salka Hallström Bornold shares a tiny sofa with the rock star designer on a terrace in Amsterdam.

Shipwrecks on dry land

by Salka Hallström Bornold

€?It may still surprise the occasional tourist cruising out into the famous island kingdom to find a flooded luxury suburb where the boats are as supernaturally over-dimensioned as the houses.” Salka Hallström Bornold is tired of the behemoth architecture in Stockholm’s archipelago.

All the World in a Design School

by Mattias Löw

An education system without fees for students has always been an extremely important part of the Swedish educational tradition. The decision to introduce tuition fees for so-called third-country students, i.e students who come from countries outside the EU / EEA, rejects this tradition in a substantive way.

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