Dirt of a nation

The illusionists

by Emilia Engblad

The fashion revolution continues in Gothenburg

Welcome to the avant-garde

by Johan Deurell

Maria Foerlev runs etage projects in Copenhagen

Playdate with Bjarke

by Johan Deurell

The Lego House in Billund opened in September. One balmy summer day, Johan Deurell paid a visit to the building site and met Bjarke Ingels – the architect who never stopped playing with Lego.

The house that Gudrun built

by Salka Hallström Bornold · illustrations: Patrik Engström

Gudrun Sjödén is the godmother of Swedish fashion. She singlehandedly created an empire based on strong colours, patterns and a deep knowledge of the needs of full-grown, bohemian women. Salka Hallström Bornold took the metro to Årsta to see this entrepreneurial force in person.

Power saving mode

by Ylva Frid

The home of the future is energy-lean and high-tech. In Stockholm’s ambitious Smart Energy City project, residents have tried out a new, smart energy system. But is it really so clever? As Ylva Frid explains, there is still a long way to go before the vision becomes reality.

Everything is illuminated

by Anders Bergmark

At age 33, Daniel Rybakken has already had a brilliant career, thanks to his innovative work in lighting design. Anders Bergmark travelled to Gothenburg to visit a designer whose future seems unusually bright.

My name is Luca !

by Hanna Johansson · illustrations: Isak Berglund Mattsson-Mårn

He grew up on the glass island of Murano and works in Stockholm - with everyone from Salviati to Cassina and Skultuna. Now, Luca Nichetto wants to tear down the old barriers between design and fashion.

State of the union

by Anna Liljemalm

There’s a new sheriff in town. CEO Ewa Kumlin is leaving Svensk Form and will be replaced by Mats Widbom. Where is this venerable institution headed in the future? What has been done so far, and what lies ahead? We asked a writer outside of our own circles to take a deep and independent look at our workplace.

Andreu World

Innovation, design and attention to detail. From seats like Flex or Alya to lounge solutions like Raglan sofa – or smart tables with connectivity. Andreu World provides high quality and comfort for all types of office spaces.

Heart of glass

by Victor Schultz

She is the designer and glass artist who seeks decorativeness and effectiveness, with an education from America and influences from Italy behind her. Since then, Ann Wåhlström has continued to be inspired by expressions far beyond traditional Swedish glass art.

100 years of finnishness

by Daniel Golling

Exclusive glass and icons in abundance – but the resquad execution image was excluded. Why? Daniel Golling looks into Finland’s national jubilee exhibitions and finds that some crucial facts are missing from the picture.

Report from the wasteland

by Fredrik Sweger · illustrations: Ylva Frid

A building boom is under way in Sweden. In the Hagastaden area between Stockholm and neighbouring Solna alone, some 6,000 apartments are currently being built. But the amount of waste is massive. Writer Ylva Frid and photographer Fredrik Sweger went looking for the debris left in the shadows of the rising skyscrapers.

Nærly New York

by Rasmus Graakjær

Brooklyn meets new Nordic at Copenhagen restaurant Nærvær

Halfway to heaven

by Salka Hallström Bornold

The worst at Kivi Art Centre follow the same phallic formula

Belly flop for billions

by Svante Helmbæk Tirén

Terminal depression in Stockholm's underbelly