Our lives in 2050

Total tube makeover

by Sofia Hallström

Minimalism is back on track. In 2017, Stockholm will have 96 newly designed trains.

Out of this world

by Salka Hallström Bornold

As the executive producer of computer game Eve Online, Andie Nordgren reigns overs more citizens than the president of Iceland.

Frederik Noltenius Busck

by Sofia Hallström

"Death is the foundation of everything. I feel closest to death and most present when I surf or climb mountains."

Nordic capitals 2050

by Sofia Hallström · illustrations: Team Hawaii

Stockholm has signed a new version of Vision 2030, the Norwegians are launching their plan as a coffee table book and Copenhagen’s city architect is touring the world with an inspiring Scandinavian model. Form Magazine challenged five Nordic city architects with the question: how will your city look in 2050?


by Salka Hallström Bornold · illustrations: Per Nyström

Dark forces are at hand – in the housing policy, fashion and jewellery design. And the uterus may never have been more popular. Form Magazine asked 21 architects, designers and curators about their most outstanding memories from the past year, halfway to 2020.

Animal planet

by Bo Madestrand · illustrations: Patrick Miller

In her ceramic menagerie, the animals have human emotions. Bo Madestrand went to see Frida Fjellman for a conversation about earthquakes, dead foxes and bad taste.

Sin City

by Pontus Dahlman · illustrations: Mikael Olsson

Stockholm’s hard core is about to change. The bank palace in the city centre will be remade into a lifestyle destination, in an attempt to revitalise the area. Pontus Dahlman and Mikael Olsson snoop around in the shady side of the shabby, beloved Sergel’s Square.

The Golden Eye

by Salka Hallström Bornold

A super entrepreneur came to town. Salka Hallström Bornold met up with Tom Dixon for a talk about the importance of being bored, design as alchemy and how to stay aesthetically relevant.

Hide and seek

by Salka Hallström Bornold

Sami handicraft meets global fashion in the Sattajärvi village, north of the Arctic Circle. Salka Hallström Bornold visits a tannery which treats some 40,000 reindeer hides yearly.

Yimby vs. the world

by Niklas Wahllöf

The Yimby lobby has become a loud participant in the Swedish debate on city planning. But who are they – neoliberals or free thinkers? Niklas Wahllöf tries to get a grip on an organisation without organisation.

Back to black

by Bo Madestrand · illustrations: Sebastian Jansson

Jung’s theory on archetypes meets the latest 3D technology in Katrin Ólina’s new jewellery project. “It’s fascinating to go into the digital world and come out with something that feels so ancient, familiar and unknown at the same time,” she says.

What Ezio said

by Salka Hallström Bornold

It’s only human to become dumbstruck when confronted with destructive events, but it leads nowhere. Salka Hallström Bornold believes that it’s more empowering to read the Italian service design expert Ezio Manzini and his vision of a world where dedicated citizens and designers join forces.

A modernist to remember

by Bo Madestrand

She designed thousands of buildings in Scania and created her own housing philosophy, yet she is hardly mentioned today. Bo Madestrand tells the forgotten story of the small town modernist Ingeborg Hammarskjöld-Reiz.

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