A bright future

Larvae lamps

par Leo Gullbring

Lamps made of streptococci, salmonella, or why not coli bacteria? Jan Klingler transforms contagiously disgusting lth into beautiful light art, while at the same time opening the doors to a postanthropocene design that questions the design world’s many dogmas.

Money for nothing ?

par Bo Madestrand · visuels: Team Hawaii

If you want a sustainably produced chair, you’ll have to cough up. But who says four wooden legs and a cushion also have to cost an arm and a leg?

18 and over

par Emilia Engblad Béranger

What were the best, loveliest and smartest things that happened in 2018? And what do you hope for next year? We asked 16 Nordic designers and architects – and got as many answers.

Light from the east

par Nils Forsberg

The sun, the wind, the water – those are a few of his favourite things. Hiroshi Sambuichi, recipient of the 2018 Daylight Awards, incorporates elemental flow and nature's fluctuations into his architecture.

Future’s so bright

par Nils Forsberg

Three years ago at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, her lighting system Block was nominated for an innovation award. Then it was like someone pulled the plug. Where did Johanna Jacobson Backman go?

King of New York

par Martin Brusewitz · visuels: Emil Wesolowski

With his logo for New York City, Milton Glaser created an immortal symbol for the city that never sleeps. Now, at 89, he is still hard at work, exhibiting and creating anti-Trump posters.

Form follows emojis

par Daniel Golling

The new museum in Helsinki is an Instagram success

A self-playing piano

par Daniel Golling

Renzo Piano's seductive architecture is on show in London.

A sinking ship

par Rasmus Graakjær

Olafur Eliasson's Gesamtkunstwerk is a towering failure.

Save Ereskine’s village

par Nils Forsberg

Architect Ralph Erskine's brilliant arts center Skaparbyn is for sale. But who will buy it, and how will it be put to use? Nils Forsberg presents a modest proposal.

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