The future ? Google it !

Wow 2019

by Sofia Hallström

Another year of design, fashion, crafts and architecture has come to an end. Sofia Hallström asks the design world citizens about their most memorable moments of 2019 – and their hopes for 2020.

The future is female

by Carolina Söderholm

Young Danish designers are finally starting to shed the yoke of the modernist giants - and it is mainly women who are breaking new ground. Carolina Söderholm meets a new generation of design stars.

Beverage can to art

From beverage cans to engine blocks, anything made in aluminium can be turned into beautiful art and furniture that will last for generations.

Big brother is watching you

by Leo Gullbring

The tech giants’ world domination is growing. Now they are nestling into infrastructure itself. Leo Gullbring reviews Google’s data-driven city project in Toronto and asks what is about to be created: a smart city, or a surveillance monster with super-capitalists at the levers?

Through a glass darkly

by Camilla Pérez · illustrations: Mårten Ryner

Floating shapes inspired by nature, organic design and reflections. Camilla Pérez and Mårten Ryner have created a series of still lifes with objects that are both abstract and practical.