Leaving the land

Dux Domus

The Domus chair is a selection of lounge chairs available in both steel and wood. With a choice of leather or fabric seat cushions, the chairs are easy to place and have a small footprint.

Spiritual abode

by Leo Gullbring

From a church spa in Scania to a gleaming mosque outside Stockholm. Leo Gullbring looks at how spiritual architecture is breathing new life into modernist design.

Hidden Hagalund

by Bo Madestrand · illustrations: Ola Bergengren

Below the high-rises of Blåkulla lies the slumbering industrial area of Hagalund. For a hundred years, it has grown from a shantytown of small industries into a mishmash of offices, underground clubs and auto repair shops. Now it is being demolished to make room for housing. In their new book Ola Bergengren and Bo Madestrand of Form describe the motley history of the area.

Enzo Mari

by Erik Eje Almqvist

Why don't you do it yourself then ?

Studio Supersju x Carl Malmsten

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