Ingrid Fliter

Mixed media

Christina McMaster’s approach to playing the piano takes its inspiration from the worlds of visual arts, theatre, fashion and technology. Claire Jackson meets a pianist who is determined think out of the box in order to explore how music resonates across a diverse range of creative activity

Equal measures

It’s not easy trying to promote gender equality when the odds are stacked against you. Claire Jackson recounts some of her own experiences of blatant sexism in the music world

Contrasting colours

Argentinian pianist Ingrid Fliter is one of today’s great interpreters of Chopin, and explores the Romantic piano repertoire with a freshness and individuality that has deepened with time. Jessica Duchen meets an exceptional musician with a vivid grasp of colour in more ways than one

Way ahead

A new generation of young women is setting the pace for the pianism of the future, displaying extraordinary levels of musicianship and virtuosity at the keyboard. IP’s international correspondents give their personal pick of the most exciting and accomplished pianists under the age of 30

Clare Hammond

Pianist Clare Hammond explains how, contrary to received wisdom, introducing contemporary music into mainstream concert programmes can be a popular move with audiences

Out of the shadows

With her keen intelligence and commanding musicianship, pianist Hephzibah Menuhin did much more than play second fiddle to her more celebrated brother. In the centenary of Yehudi Menuhin’s birth, Benjamin Ivry takes time to celebrate the career of a supportive sibling who was a notable soloist as well as a formidable humanitarian in her own right

Jeremy Nicholas

The latter decades of the 19th century saw a plethora of superb women pianists with influential musical lives and prominent careers on the concert platform. Sadly, many of these accomplished artists are largely forgotten, their contribution overshadowed by their more famous male counterparts. Jeremy Nicholas sets the record straight

Musikmesse 2016

This year’s Frankfurt music fair attracted a record 110,000 visitors from 130 countries. IP visited the piano hall to sample some of the exciting new products on show

James Bacon

For much of the 20th-century, piano design remained impervious to technological revolution. All that has changed in recent decades, as tenacious inventors apply their imagination and technical know-how to the traditional piano. James Bacon recounts the story of a true innovator in this field: Richard Dain of Phoenix Pianos – a man who won’t take no for an answer in his

Live performance

by Owen Mortimer

The Italian manufacturer Dexibell has harnessed the latest computer technology to create a digital piano that sounds jawdroppingly close to the real thing. Owen Mortimer reports

Recovery position

by Murray McLachlan

Swollen tendons and twisted ligaments are among pianists’ worst nightmares, but as Murray McLachlan points out, time away from the keyboard due to injury can be turned into a positive advantage if you are resourceful

The lady vanishes

by Jeremy Nicholas

In the years between the two world wars, Irene Scharrer was practically a household name and one of the brightest starts in the British music firmament. Then suddenly, at the height of her powers, she disappeared from the limelight and was largely forgotten by her once-adoring public. Jeremy Nicholas visited Scharrer’s granddaughter to try to discover why a one of the most important British pianists of the 20th century was consigned to the margins of musical memory

Spring blooms

by Jonathon Brown

Jonathon Brown heads to the principality of Monte Carlo, where the Printemps des Arts Festival provides a welcome burst of culture over a series of spring weekends

Cross Currents

Andrew Mellor visited the Abu Dhabi Festival where he found a surprisingly open, free-spirited approach to programming that included two very individual pianists: an Indonesian jazz prodigy and a Cuban maverick

Janina Fialkowska

by Jeremy Nicholas

Exuberant musical personalities, from Solti to Richter and Rubenstein, have played an infl uential role in the development of Canadian pianist Janina Fialkowska’s musical tastes