Marc-André Hamelin

Yulia Chaplina

by Robert Turnbull

Yulia Chaplina is one of the latest artists in an illustrious line of Russian émigré musicians who have made a profound cultural impact across national borders. Robert Turnbull discovers a pianist who celebrates her musical birthright wherever she plays and teaches, especially when she is at home in London

Young at heart

by Jessica Duchen

It’s fine to revere older pianists with an illustrious legacy behind them, but don’t underestimate the power of musicians in their youthful prime, says Jessica Duchen

The ill-tempered clavier

by Charivari

Why do we put the Austro-German concerto repertoire on a pedestal, at the expense of the delightful, inspiring and substantial works for piano and orchestra that have emerged in other cultural contexts? Charivari urges programmers to widen their horizons in an area of the repertoire that yields rich rewards for the adventurous

Marc-André Hamelin

by Jeremy Nicholas

Canadian-born Marc-André Hamelin’s unshowy virtuosity and unflagging enthusiasm for exploring neglected areas of the piano repertoire give him a unique standing among today’s leading pianists. Jeremy Nicholas spends time with an old friend who isn’t afraid to share the secrets of his artistic success, and the importance of developing the brain to confront musical challenges

Scoring points

by Andrew Brownell

A new edition of Hummel’s Piano Concerto in A minor proves that he is more than a one-hit wonder, revealing a composer with a fine understanding of the keyboard. Andrew Brownell discusses the challenges and rewards of editing and playing Hummel’s piano music

In tune with the times

by Steve Droy

Does the arrival of sophisticated piano-tuning software mean that traditional tuning by ear has been superseded? Steve Droy weighs up the pros and cons of two very different approaches to an age-old challenge

Beyong Logic

by Stephen Wigler

Awarding any prize is rarely a matter of straightforward reasoning on the part of the jury. Stephen Wigler ponders the mysteries behind this year’s close call at the Montreal International Piano Competition

Cultural pearl

by Robert Turnbull

Having established its economic supremacy in the Middle East, Abu Dhabi is today leading the way in promoting international cultural ties between the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the world, thanks to its flourishing international arts festival – the largest celebration of culture in the Arabian Gulf. Robert Turnbull reports from the 2017 event

Duke Ellington

by Andy Hamilton

Though his reputation as a jazz legend rests on his prolific output as a composer and his career as an inspirational band leader, Duke Ellington’s piano-playing formed the foundations of his development as a musician, having started lessons on the instrument as a five-year-old, going on to master the art of stride piano. By Andy Hamilton