Barry Douglas


by Charivari

Why have classical music programmes all but disappeared from television ? Charivari despairs at the lack of classical concerts and documentaries broadcast on the BBC

Russian icons

by Geoffrey Norris

A long and deep association with Russian culture has made Irish pianist Barry Douglas a favourite of audiences in Moscow. He talks to Geoffrey Norris about his latest recording project, which pairs works by Tchaikovsky with other Russian masterpieces

Lyrical conviction

by Bryce Morrison

The Russian School of pianism emphasises sonority and colour, taking inspiration from the human voice's capacity for nuance and inflection. Bryce Morrison delves into the world of legendary Russian pianists in the third instalment of our series on national styles

Unsung hero

by Murray McLachlan

This December marks the centenary of Polish-born Soviet composer Mieczysław Weinberg. Murray McLachlan reflects on the legacy of this undeservedly neglected musical prodigy.

From the heart

by Iyad Sughayer

Khachaturian's music

Paul Badura-Skoda

by Benjamin Ivry

Austrian pianist Paul Badura-Skoda, known for his performances on historic instruments, chamber collaborations and musical scholarship, died in September this year. Benjamin Ivry surveys the artistry and achievements of this multifaceted creative spirit

Novel sounds

by Colin Clarke

Named after a fictional character by Kafka, Odradek is an adventurous new label which puts artists at the heart of its business model. Colin Clarke visits the company's studio in Italy

Safe and sound

by Owen Mortimer

Spearheaded by members of the Busch Trio, MuziekHaven is a new venture near Amsterdam where musicians can develop their artistry in idyllic, stress-free surroundings. Owen Mortimer reports

Strong and silent

by Josephine Miles

Bechstein’s new Vario Duet system takes silent pianos to the next level with innovative technology and streamlined design. Josephine Miles reports

Forsyth Music

by Colin Clarke

Forsyth Music in Manchester may have been run by the same family for five generations, but its pioneering spirit means that the shop is constantly evolving. Colin Clarke reports from this piano-lover's paradise

Benchmark recordings

by Colin Clarke

Colin Clarke selects some of the best accounts of Bach’s joyous Prelude and Fugue BWV 850

Teresa Carreño

Kleiner Walzer

Odes to autumn

An elusive twilight quality pervades Brahms’ late piano music, says Boris Berman

Ahmad Jamal

by Andy Hamilton

Ahmad Jamal is a virtuosic jazz phenomenon who brings structural perfection, dynamic contrast and unrestrained joy to everything he plays. Andy Hamilton reports