Air New Zealand Fashion Week

by Sylvia Giles

Sylvia Giles talks trends for winter 2008

Fly Guys

by Mava Moayyed

The formula for success has been avidly debated for decades. I am holding out for the day when all it takes is a shiny white pill. I doubt technology will deliver during my lifetime but if reincarnation is anything to go by, I’ll be back and the first in line to pop the success tablet. It seems, however, not everyone is in need of a wonder drug. Some people just work hard.

Everything is in mint condition

by Mava Moayyed

There is an allure about glamour and romance. It has a universal “pull”, as seen by our fascination with the French culture and our starry-eyed giggles at the whiff of a Frenchman’s accent. This magnetism is also obvious from the huge influence and popularity of the fashion culture. Though there are fewer swoons over Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion world still exudes enough glamour to rival the nation of romance and every beret and red-lipped dame within its borders.

Hail Iron Maiden

by Safia Archer · illustrations: Aaron K

Less is more was thrust to the side as Ricochet strutted its stuff down the catwalk at ANZFW with Shiseido’s Fierce Feline make-up. As exotic animal prints sashayed down the runway, the crowd couldn’t help but catch jungle fever. Hail Iron Maiden.

Holding out for a heroine

by Emma Tate · illustrations: Olivia Hemus

Someone always makes a point of referencing the Greek origin of New Zealand designer Cybèle Wiren’s name. Cybèle was a Phrygian goddess worshipped in the sixth century BC. But from what I’ve read about her so far I’ve never heard anyone mention the comic book character that shares the same name, created by Marvel comics—the publishers of The X Men and Spiderman. As enchanting as the Grecian reference is, if one really needs to make a comparison they should make them between the label and her superhero namesake. It’s clear as soon as the models walk down the runway: a Cybèle collection is a heroine’s wardrobe.

Love lies bleeding

Rachel Easting and Anjali Stewart are the Wellington-based designing force behind Love Lies Bleeding, boasting high casual streetwear with charm and appeal. The duo are the newest “cool kid” clothing designers to hit the fashion scene

Interview : Alexandra Owen

illustrations: Olivia Hemus

Newly established, Alexandra Owen represents a designing excellence that will no doubt grow into New Zealand fashion royalty. Her garments combine light and dark with an artistic vision which renders a powerful presence on every wearer.

Interview: Chelsea Thorpe

illustrations: Olivia Hemus

It is a fusion of contemporary and timeless that is becoming synonymous with Chelsea Thorpe. A designer deep in her third season of wholesaling and stocking in stores, Chelsea is creating an inventory of beautifully feminine garments with strong functionality and an edge that secures her a place in New Zealand fashion

A force to reckoned with

by Sam Mitchell · illustrations: Douglas Rimington

Sam Mitchell interviews Nom*D’s Margi Robertson in one of the most detailed encounters yet

The art of Jaeha

by Emma Tate

Meet the young, enigmatic star who brought down the runway with his sensational first collection at this years ANZFW. Emma Tate chats to Jaeha-Alex Kim from the much talked-about Jaeha brand

Untitled #1

by Laura Frykberg

Laura Frykberg catches up with the third AUT graduate winner of the prestigious Deutz Fashion Ambassador Award, Jann Wong

Unravelling the mystique

by Jack Yan · illustrations: Douglas Rimington

Jack Yan interviews Donna Loveday, the senior curator behind When Philip Met Isabella, on Philip Treacy’s hats for Tatler editor Isabella Blow

New York fashion week

by Mava Moayyed

Mava Moayyed revisits the trends on the international circuit

Intellectualy speaking

by Sylvia Giles

Sylvia Giles on copyright, trade marks and patents, and their place in the world of fashion

A visual extravaganza

by Jo Haas

Jo Haas is more than impressed with the Montana World of Wearable Art Awards’ Show, held in Wellington

10 things you didn’t know about World

by Sylvia Giles

They’ve had many a standing ovation—now it’s time to reveal more

Top 10 Fashion trends

Trends that have defined our environment, for better or worse, fashion is both an output of the times and a reflection of it

Riding High

by Laura Frykberg

Top hair stylist and director to one of New Zealand’s most influential hair salons Ryder, Greg Murrell gives us a closer look into his world of hair and fashion. Laura Frykberg reports

Buoy’s boy

by Laura Frykberg · illustrations: Christopher Moore

Yoshi Su is fast making a name for himself in the hair industry with his win in the prestigious Wella Trend Vision 2007, giving him the chance to represent New Zealand in the international arena with his wining entry. Laura Frykberg chats to Yoshi before he left for Barcelona

Nom de plume

by Sylvia Giles

Taika Waititi, a.k.a. Taika Cohen, has been a prominent feature on the Wellington landscape for a number of years. The two identities have been easy to identify—Cohen, the actor; Waititi, visual artist. But his new role of fi lm director not only suits him, it creates a dialogue between the aspects of one very multifaceted individual by Sylvia Giles

Talking man to man

illustrations: Emma Käthe Anderson

Wellington’s Man to Man is one of the best destinations for Hugo Boss

Breaking with tradition

Jack Yan drives the Mercedes-Benz C200K Avantgarde, and finds that flash and the German accent come free

La femme parisienne

illustrations: Jeff Olson

The spirit of a city is not in its landscape, but within the soul of its inhabitants. To capture that Parisienne ésprit, causality and familiarity are the enemy, you may need to lose your sense what you may deem ‘occasion appropriate’. In its place, the softly refined attention to detail, thew understanding of accessories, and a refined poise.

Vermeer in Vietnam

illustrations: Mark Law

When the saints come marching in

by Elyse Glickman · illustrations: Elyse Glickman and Karen Loftus

Now is the time to experience New Orleans: the city’s people are the determined driving force behind its preservation and salvation