Gal Gadot

Samantha Hannah, style & colour consultant


A star in the making

by Devin Winter · illustrations: Douglas Rimington

Lindsay Peacock looks forward to a career in modelling

A personal approach to high fashion

Sera Hathaway’s childhood love for fashion has turned into one of Taupo’s cool, contemporary spaces at Hi Fashion, with an online store to follow

It’s a kind of magic

Angela Lewis’s Style Workshops complement the designer’s philosophy particularly well photographed by Jackie Gay/Still Vision (

The real thing

by Seka Ojdrović

Born of an auspicious meeting between a Kiwi and an American, tika stays true to their mission of doing the right thing. The merino apparel maker is Lucire’s pick of environmentally friendly labels for this issue

Michelle ma belle

by Jack Yan · illustrations: Douglas Rimington

Jack Yan speaks with Michelle Wilson, the ambitious designer behind the fast-growing Michelle Yvette label

For those jaunts to Paris

Molly N might target the 45-and up woman, but we fi nd there’s an ageless style to her rapidly growing label

Perfection with a dose of fun

by Jack Yan · illustrations: Douglas Rimington

Amy Yandle collaborated with Lucire in the middle of the decade. Since then, she bought her own salon at getfunkd Victoria Street, and hasn’t looked back.

A world of change

International, New Zealand-born hair and make-up artist Brent Lawler talks to Lucire about his shift to New York and his collaboration with World

Unforgettable women

by Jack Yan

Revlon’s evolution has been a great way to track how models in advertising have evolved since the postwar era

Hevan moves earth

illustrations: Josie Tabitha Wilton

Hannah Evans-Scott of Hevan lives her brand, and rightly sees herself as much, much more than a beauty consultant

It’s lonely at the top

La Prairie’s Cellular Cream Platinum Rare is possibly the most expensive skin care cream in the world

Reading nature

Seka Ojdrovic goes to Wellington’s Skin Therapy as it introduces a new skin analysis machine

By appointment

by Jack Yan

Jack Yan catches up with Andrew Collinge, one of Britain’s, if not the world’s, best known hairdressers, on his latest work including a Royal Wedding

The brand with a voice

Alan MacKenzie, the founder of Organic Surge, tells Jack Yan that his products give some of the world’s underprivileged children a true voice

Out of africa

Brenda Lockie is introducing RégimA into New Zealand, with impressive results for skin

Keeping the flash harriets away

by Jack Yan · illustrations: Jack Yan, Tanya Sooksombatisatian

Small cabriolets have more subdued style, says Jack Yan photographed by Tanya Sooksombatisatian and the author

Nature prevails

by Kamitha Sloan

Custo Barcelona will go beyond its fashion design roots with the interiors at Capricho, a Cancun resort. Kamitha Sloan gives a preview

Southern hideaways

by Kip Brook

Kip Brook tastes the best and most romantic resorts in New Zealand’s South Island, in part one of a four-part series

The next pacific destination

by Jack Yan · illustrations: Stephen Smith

Few think of Taiwan as a Pacific Island getaway, but we think it’s the next big destination

An interwoven tale

by Stanley Moss · illustrations: Stanley Moss

Stanley Moss explores Scotland’s Western Isles, in a quest for Clò Mór, or Harris Tweed, while seeing some of the nation’s great inns photographed by the author

You know where i am

by Jack Yan · illustrations: Douglas Rimington

Jack Yan talks to Samantha Powell, Miss Universe New Zealand 2008, on the pageant, her experiences at the international competition, and how the media failed to unnerve

A more real oscar week

The pre-award prep and primp sessions may be pared down, but Elyse Glickman and Leyla Messian discover spirits are as high as ever in Hollywood. This year’s fi lm and talent nominees represent a renewed commitment to quality and social consciousness, as did the gatherings intended to celebrate their accomplishments

Out of the trunk

by Bronwyn Williams

Harry’s gets ready for the next season