Oh, tell !

The internet is the answer

by Jack Yan

The new book, The Internet Is Not the Answer, is this generation’s No Logo, questioning the medium when it should really question the players, says Jack Yan. But given that the questions it raises are valid, what are the answers?

The global report

by Geneviève Hole, Elyse Glickman, Tamara Madison

As we traverse the world, we come across labels large and small, backed either by big money or by the dreams of independents. Geneviève Hole, Elyse Glickman and Tamara Madison look at three getting noticed this season in the UK, the US and Ukraine

Soft meets fluid: it’s springtime in London

by Sopheak Seng · illustrations: Douglas Rimington

London Fashion Week's spring shows last year presented such a variety, but what should you buy now that the season is upon us? Fashion and beauty editor Sopheak Seng casts a critical eye.

Liberty, belle

by Eleanor Wright

Liberty prints are very much in vogue in fashion trends. Eleanor Wright traces the history of the storied English brand.

The trend-setters

by Sopheak Seng · illustrations: Michelle Weir

Sopheak Seng gives his picks for autumn–winter 2015 from the catwalks at New Zealand Fashion Week.

Guerlain: a world beyond perfume

by Eleanor Wright

Eleanor Wright looks at Guerlain, one of the oldest perfume boutiques in the world, and why its latest scents are worthy of the family’s name.

Light as a feather

illustrations: John Moe

The beauty behind a beauty competition

by Napoleon Perdis · illustrations: Alan Raga

Napoleon Perdis created the look for the Miss Universe New Zealand contestants. We take a peek behind the scenes

Heartbreak Hotel

illustrations: Dave Richard


illustrations: Louise Hatton

The bold is the beautiful

by Jack Yan · illustrations: Dorit Thies

A career in modelling and two master’s degrees: how did Cynthia Kirchner, appearing next in Entourage, fit it all in? Jack Yan interviews her.

Independently minded

by Jack Yan · illustrations: Courtney Dailey

Jack Yan talks to Allie Gonino, the actress who found fame on The Lying Game, and finds her role in The Red Road one with a greater underlying message that taps into her own desire to make our planet a better place

Building character

by Jack Yan

Hyundai has come a long way since the first Pony in 1975. Jack Yan hops behind the wheel of the i30 Limited to see if the Korean giant delivers substance in addition to its latest model’s style.

Letter from Marrakech

by Stanley Moss · illustrations: Paula Sweet

Stanley Moss returns to Marrakech for a follow-up, avoiding the guidebooks in an effort to seek genuine experiences.

Can’t miss Swiss

by Elyse Glickman · illustrations: Elyse Glickman

A whirlwind tour of Switzerland reveals the bigger picture of its culinary and cultural future extend beyond cheese, chocolate and fine dining, writes Elyse Glickman.