The Midas touch

The scandal of sexuality

by Alex Barrow

When criticisms emerged over Nicki Minaj’s ‘Feeling Myself’ video, with guest artist Beyoncé, Alex Barrow was reminded of the earlier controversies surrounding Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke’s MTV VMA performance in 2013—and examines if anything has changed

The rise and rise of Bench

illustrations: Alan Raga

From humble beginnings with a T-shirt business, to an empire that spans fashion and beauty on a worldwide basis, Ben Chan tells Jack Yan about his philosophy as Bench’s creative director

Preparing the harvest

by Sopheak Seng

Get your shopping lists ready: fashion and beauty editor Sopheak Seng shares his favourites from New Zealand Fashion Week

Success for a successor

by Alex Barrow

With Donna Karan resigning from her label in July 2015, how possible is it for her successors to carry on her style? Alex Barrow weighs up the potential.

Gold touch

Eye tunes

Photographed by Mike Ruiz Make-up by Joanne Gair using MAC Cosmetics Manicure by Yukie Miyakawa for Opi at Kate Ryan, Inc.

To your good health

illustrations: Alex Barrow

Alex Barrow flies to Malaysia to examine first-hand the phenomenon of medical tourism, and why the country is fast becoming the destination of choice

Alleviating dis-tress

illustrations: Robert Valentine

Forever-relevant Hollywood hair guru Allen Edwards is still snipping away at popular haircut and hair-care myths with great finesse, according to Elyse Glickman


illustrations: Angelika Buetnner

Time for tea

illustrations: Aliona Kuznetsova

Hands across the ocean

by Elyse Glickman · illustrations: Coline Gerse

Some celebrity philanthropists go public to clear the air on their causes. Actress Tanna Frederick, meanwhile, wants to clear the water, writes Elyse Glickman

Still fresh, more stylish, surprisingly capable

illustrations: Stuart Cowley

Jack Yan samples one of Lucire’s most acclaimed SUVs, in the form of the 2015½ Range Rover Evoque Si4 with Black Pack, and throws more than what you might expect at it

Green India

by Stanley Moss

Stanley Moss discovers that ecotourism need not be the ego-driven affair that it has become in some circles. Keeping it pure, he visits Chhatra Sagar, Sarai at Toria and Samode Safari Village in India

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Jewellery this season isn’t about simple lines and shapes; look out for complexity and colour

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