The fall of the influencer

by Jack Yan, Portia Gascoigne

Lucire predicted the rise of the social influencer many years ago. But now that such ideas have mainstreamed, we’re less optimistic about their staying power

Blogs are here to stay

by Jack Yan

Rosie Findlay’s Personal Style Blogs is an indepth analysis of the fashion blogosphere. In a counterpoint to our opening story, Jack Yan considers her book

A fashionable ethos

by Sarah Arnold-Hall

Sarah Arnold-Hall catches up with Brooke Da Cruz, who has recently launched her début sustainable fashion collection

Coco Rocha looks forward

by Lola Cristall · illustrations: Natasha Harri Fuller

Lola Cristall catches up with Coco Rocha on balancing modelling with motherhood, and how her industry has changed over the last decade and a half

Spring has sprung

by Lola Cristall

Lola Cristall looks at a very positive spring season as New York’s designers show at last September’s fashion week

Last dance

illustrations: Damien Carney

Derek Elvy

by Jack Yan

Jack Yan talks to Buoy Salon & Spa founder Derek Elvy on his philosophy as the business he founded, with an original NZ$12,000 budget, celebrated 30 years of excellence

Talking up a Blu streak

by Elyse Glickman

The Blu Room, a new light treatment technology, has found its way around the world—but will it find its way to mainstream medicine? Elyse Glickman tries the hued rooms on for size and gets to know several entrepreneurs who think it will.


illustrations: Jock Robson

I’ll take Manhattant

illustrations: Mike Ruiz

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