Haute couture

Fashion’s post- virus landscape

by Jack Yan

Jack Yan wonders what the post-COVID-19 fashion industry might look like, with China providing the first clues

Letting the magic reveal itself

by Jack Yan

Ukrainian fashion label InsideU has pulled off a world-class photo shoot for spring–summer 2020. Jack Yan talks to founders Masha Zakharchenko and Dasha Buslenko about the label’s origins, and the work that went into its Moroccan adventure

Dedicated to the cause

by Jack Yan

Swedish sustainable label Dedicated is serious about its claims—and with 24 years’ experience under his belt, CEO Johan Graffner knows you have to back them up. Jack Yan interviews him

Couture’s new romantics

by Meg Hamilton

COVID-19 was not going to stop Paris from showing haute couture this season. While there were some omissions, many more persevered with inventive visuals that kept us entertained, writes Meg Hamilton and the Lucire team.

Gravitational pull

by Jack Yan

Model and actress Holland Smith has journeyed into acting after years in sport at a national level. She shares her story with Jack Yan.

Jacobite rising

Advancing the craft

by Jack Yan

Jack Yan talks to Norm Wright, the multi-award-winning Canadian stylist whose inspirational avant-garde work extends the possibilities of hair

Get a style fixe

by Elyse Glickman

Philadelphia-based Bellefixe endeavours to bring glamour and sparkle to unglamorous times with a variety of easy-to-wear luxe hair accessories in silky fabrics, sophisticated hues, subtle metallics and a few gemstones, reports Elyse Glickman

Profoundly personal portraits

by Jack Yan · illustrations: Aliona Kuznetsova

Jack Yan speaks with international photographer Aliona Kuznetsova, whose work first came to Lucire’s attention in the 2010s, as she embarks on a new book featuring over a decade of her work, telling a deeply personal story

Finding nirvana in Yunnan

by Cathy Fedoruk · illustrations: Cathy Fedoruk

History and traditions continue to be observed by the ethnic minorities of Yunnan, in a corner of China near the Myanmar border. Cathy Fedoruk uncovers the region as she and her family literally reach Shangri-La

Californian hotspots

by Lola Cristall

Lola Cristall has been sampling properties out in southern California, and returns with her selection of the area’s most chic