Wherever you go, we can be there

The calm Oscars

Developments around this year’s Academy Awards show the public’s taste for the familiar, feelgood values

Senza Tempo

by Jack Yan

Senza Tempo creates fashion that is timeless and not caught up in gimmicks or trends. Jack Yan talks to its founder and creative director, Kristen Fanarakis, and discovers a unique and considered approach to fashion design

New York’s new chic

by Lola Cristall

It was colour galore at New York Fashion Week, with many labels respecting a couture æsthetic, projecting a richer fall–winter, writes Lola Cristall

Being true to herself

by Jack Yan · illustrations: Josh Fogel

Not Dead Yet’s Lauren Ash is glamorous on- screen, and can be equally glamorous off-screen, but what marks her out is a real passion for activism.

The scene along the Seine

by Elyse Glickman

Viking’s Paris and the Heart of Normandy cruise brings extra joie de vivre to an extended stay in Paris, writes Elyse Glickman