Spring 2012

Dominic Volini

by Dominic Volini · illustrations: Dominic Volini

Dominic Volini of Baron Wells reappropriates the life of an aloe plant, bringing it back to nature.

Maggie Mull

by Maggie Mull · illustrations: Maggie Mull

The Creative Process Maggie Mull maps out the birth of an idea.

White Space

by Marion Anaïs Forand · illustrations: Lucas Flores Piran

A little shop of wonders nestled in the heart of New York City’s Meatpacking District, The Crangi Family Project boasted windows filled with artfully handmade jewelry, ranging from bracelets made of brass railroad spikes to collars born of the delicate marriage between gold and leather. Created by Philip Crangi and his sister and partner, Courtney Crangi, the beloved boutique closed its doors in 2010.

Borderline films

illustrations: Michael Schmelling

Elizabeth Olsen may be the obvious breakout star from last year's surprise hit Martha Marcy May Marlene, but there's an equally newsworthy success story there behind the camera in the film's production company, Borderline Films. Run by Martha writer and director Sean Durkin and his two good friends Antonio Campos and Josh Mond — who produced the film — Borderline made its presence felt in a very big way. Not bad for the trio's second feature together. All in their late twenties, Campos, Durkin, and Mond

Mario Hugo - Illustrator

by Anna Christina Furney, Lauren E. Wool

In a world that is fiercely visual, the powers of branding and marketing are made possible by the talents of those graphic artists who translate ideas into form. Since being founded in 2008, creative agency, Marie & Hugo has proven that talent, youthful innovation and a sense of humor are the most successful and most salient ways to capture the public eye.

Magnétisme animal

illustrations: Heather Culp


by Charlie Grosso · illustrations: Charlie Grosso

A series of images of empty beds that I've slept in throughout my travels, the images are void of any human presence, mine or of another.

Clémence Poesy - Nora

by Nora Zehetner · illustrations: Nora Zehetner

These photos are a selection of my personal snapshots from one day this past October, largely starring the undeniably lovely

Rachel Barrett - Two stories

by Rachel Barrett · illustrations: Rachel Barrett

I make photographs to tell stories. Using my camera as a means of discovery, I weave pieces of real life together to create my own narratives.