Barrie Kosky

Lise Davidsen

by Andrew Mellor

A dramatic soprano full of Wagnerian promise, Lise Davidsen is intent on taking her time to learn her craft thoroughly before heading to heights of Valhalla, where destiny seems to be leading her almost in spite of herself

Barrie Kosky

You could never accuse Barrie Kosky of being understated. One of today’s most feted opera directors, he describes his style as ‘high queer camp’, an unashamed mixture of kitsch, spectacle and provocation. As boss of the Berlin’s Komische Opera, he has seen box office sales soar, while remaining true to his radical, often shocking theatrical instincts. Robert Thicknesse meets a director who isn’t afraid to deal with opera’s biggest challenges head on

A weekend in Vilnius

by Hannah Nepil

All points north

Scandinavia continues to exert a powerful infl uence on opera through its nurturing of superb singing talent and its ability to absorb and encourage a great variety of trends from both the cultural mainstream and the fringe. We explore recent developments and new initiatives that are setting the course for opera in the region.

First things first

From great historical landmarks to contemporary political events, from literary masterpieces to Hollywood classics, opera has never been afraid to tackle substantial, complex and challenging subjects. Opera Now presents a selection of fascinating world premieres that will tempt you to try something completely new in the 2016/17 season

One for all

by Rafael Todes

Naim Audio’s UnitiQute 2 streamer/tuner incorporates a wide range of digital and analogue functions to give high-quality audio at a price that won’t break the bank. Rafael Todes finds this convenient, stylish unit ticks all his boxes